Nepros NBR390A, 3/8" Sq. Ratchet Handle (90-Tooth)

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This item features an upgraded smaller ratchet head for easier use.

The head width of the conventional product (NBR390) is 30mm, but the head width has been increased by 4mm to improve the efficiency of work in narrow spaces and ease of use. Furthermore, it is 10% lighter than the conventional product (NBR390). Further deepening ease of use.

  • A ratchet handle that is easier to use with a smaller, lighter head and optimized balance.
  • Using an 8-stage claw, it achieves the same strength as conventional products despite its small size. 
  • Union mechanism that prevents the socket from accidentally coming off the ratchet unless the push button is pressed.
  • Repair kit ( NBR390A-K ) is installed. 
  • Rubber rings are available as spare parts and options (color variations). 

Please refer to the application table (PDF) for details. 

  • Total length 180mm
  • Head width 26mm
  • Head thickness 14mm
  • Handle 20mm
  • Weight 245g
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