3M 310-1101, E-A-R Classic Plus Earplugs, Uncorded, Pillow Pack, NRR 33 dB, Large Size, 1 Pair

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Innovative design, the first foam earplug featuring a cylinder shape

The 3M™ E-A-R™ Classic™ Earplugs set the industry standard for personal safety noise reduction as the worlds first foam earplug. Soft, slow-recovery foam is designed to mold to the shape of the ear canal and provide hearing protection. These disposable earplugs come with or without cords; an optional dispenser box is sold separately. A cylindrical shape is suited to fit most sizes, with a 7% smaller version also available for smaller ear canals and a 20% longer version for larger ear canals.

Innovative design
The first foam earplug featuring a cylinder shape. Even in humid environments, the moisture-resistant foam helps provide more comfort.

Classic™ Plus 

E-A-R™ Classic™ Plus earplugs are 20% longer than the regular E-A-R Classic earplug (and the same diameter) to fit deeper into the ear canal and help provide higher noise reduction.

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